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How do I subscribe?
Please fill in the application form you can download from our sign up page. Sign and send a copy to, please be reminded to add a copy of your MFA ID-card (both sides). Your personal VAT card is sent to your home address within 5 working days.


Can I subscribe family members?
Yes. Family members can benefit from VAT exemption through your privilege. The restriction is that this person is registered at the protocol and is in the possession of an MFA ID-card. This person cannot have the Dutch nationality.


How to change personal details?
Your details are filed in a highly secured customer profile. Should any of your details change (for example: home address, contact details, bank account) then please confirm your latest details by email (


Do I need to fill out an OB100 form?
No. We take care of your OB100 form. We only need a digital version of your VAT included purchase document (invoice/ receipt) together with a corresponding proof of payment.


When can I submit my claim(s)?
Submit your claim once you have reached the minimum threshold of € 225,00 (excluding VAT) per retailer per quarter. You do not have to wait until the end of the quarter.


Do I need to send the original document(s) by post?
No. You can easily scan your documents and send these by e-mail ( for verifying and processing. Please make sure that documents do not cover one another.


What purchases qualify for VAT reimbursement?
In with the rules set by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration the VAT can be recovered on the purchase of movable items for your personal use (and your registered family members). Items that become immovable by use, services of any kind and nutrition (food, beverages) are excluded from this privilege.


Can purchases be bundled?
Yes. It is allowed to bundle invoice/ receipts for purchases made at the same retailer. The condition is that the purchases are made in the same quarter (fixed period of three months) at the same retailer. In the second phase of our new VAT platform this bundling will be automated online.


Can I use a foreign bank account?
Yes. You can use a foreign bank account. The condition is that your bank supports direct debit.


Is it possible to have a card blocked in case of theft or loss?
Yes. For security reasons a kindly ask you to send a written request to

What are the charges associated with this service?
We charge a fixed fee of € 4,50 (incl. VAT) per processed transaction. This fee will be direct debited after the VAT of your transaction has been reimbursed to your personal bank account. Our fuel card holders are charged a fee of € 3,50 (incl. VAT) per processed transaction - this is a permanent reduction as long as you have our Diplomatic Fuel Card.

How long does the refund take?
A VAT refund is made within 48 hours after a positive validation by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.


Can I recover the VAT on purchases made abroad?
This is possible, however we do not offer this service. Should you have made purchases made in a member country of the European Union, please contact our support desk for the instructions.


What type of documents can be submitted?

Haven't found your question?

Please contact our Support Desk and they will help you with any question you might have.

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